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You may have heard.. But two of wagering's biggest names are coming together. In the coming weeks, everything you love with BetEasy, plus a whole bunch of awesome features from Sportsbet, will all be in the one place, on the Sportsbet platform. It's a faster, easier, betting experience! 

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For now, nothing! We'll keep you regularly updated if there's any action required in the coming weeks.

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In all but a few limited cases, you will no longer have a BetEasy account. Your BetEasy funds, recent betting history, bonus bets and any deposit and withdrawal details will be securely transferred to your new Sportsbet account once you have accepted Sportsbet’s betting terms.

Once you have accepted Sportsbet’s betting terms and, where required, completed the user journey prompts, your Sportsbet account will be ready and waiting. Certain benefits and features of your BetEasy account will still be available to you.

If you have an existing Sportsbet account that is eligible to be used, you will continue to use this account as usual. If you do not have an existing Sportsbet account, a new Sportsbet account will be created for you.

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Forgotten your password? Click on the link below to reset your password.


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See below article for how to log in to your Sportsbet account. 

I have a BetEasy account only (I don’t have a Sportsbet account). What details do I use to login to my Sportsbet account?

If you have a BetEasy account only, your username for your Sportsbet account will be the username or email address you used for your previous BetEasy account


I have a BetEasy and Sportsbet account. What details do I use to login to my Sportsbet account?

If you have a BetEasy account and a Sportsbet account, we will contact you directly with your personal login details.

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Yes, your account balance will be securely transferred to your new Sportbet account.

If you currently have a BetEasy account but not a Sportsbet account, your current BetEasy balance will securely transfer to Sportsbet (e.g. your BetEasy balance was $100, you will have $100 in your new Sportsbet account).

If you have both BetEasy and Sportsbet accounts, your account balances will be combined into your Sportsbet account (e.g. if you have an account balance of $100 in your BetEasy account, and $100 in your Sportsbet account, once the balance transfer is complete, your Sportsbet account balance will be $200).

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Any bets that have not settled at the point of migration will be available on your Sportsbet account.

Will I be able to see my transaction and bet history from BetEasy?

Yes, your last 12 months of transactions and betting activity will be available for you to view in your Sportsbet account. You will be able to access this by logging into your Sportsbet account on the app or website and heading to the My Account section.

If you would like to view more than 12 months of your BetEasy transaction history, you will be able to request this from Sportsbet customer service.

Where can I view my pending bets that have been transferred to my Sportsbet Account?            

You will be able to view all your Pending Bets, by simply logging in to the Sportsbet website or app, and visiting the My Account section.

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Any active bonus bets you had in your BetEasy account will be transferred to your Sportsbet account.

When will the BetEasy Bonus Bets expire?

You will have 14 days from when your bonus bets are transferred. You can view bonus bet expiry dates in the My Account section of your Sportsbet account.

How do I check my Bonus Bets with Sportsbet?

Once logged into the Sportsbet website you can see active bonus bets in the top right corner of the website interface.

What if my Bonus Bets or Tokens are missing?

If you believe your bonus bets or tokens are incorrect, please contact Sportsbet Customer Service. 

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